Awakening Right Now

The mind creates stories, and perhaps one of its favorite stories for meditatators is the story of ‘enlightenment’ – that wonderful time when we will at last understand all the secrets of life. The story seems so noble and so beautiful that we do not see its subtle implications.  The mind is telling us that something immeasurably important to us is not present – it is in some unattained future moment. We are incomplete and separate from this wonderful moment of awakening.

We need a new map and a new vision of what is happening in our spiritual practice.  Awakened presence is the core of who we are, not something distant and separate.  Right now – and NOW is the only game in town – an incredible array of sense and form and feeling is present.  The stories mind weaves are indeed part of this changing present moment, but stories misrepresent what is happening.  They are like a movie that draws us in until we forget that we are watching a movie.

Our stories are dreams and we are either awake to them – now – or lost in them.  Our awakening or enlightenment happens right now as we clearly see what is presently arising. We can only be awake to this moment …and now this moment …and now this one.

Our awakening
   is not some distant state
   that we may one day achieve
It is the gift of presence
   that we give
   to what arises now
      and now
         and now

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