Two Perspectives

Sometimes when we have been stuck in something – perhaps a mood, an addiction, a story – we get this sudden flash and we see through it. It is like a breath of fresh air, opening a window to let light and fresh breezes into a stuffy room. For a moment, even if we have been stuck for weeks or years, we have a flash of the richness and possibility that has been there all along. This is what the teachings sometimes call awakening mind; it is our innate, natural capacity to see this moment with clarity and wisdom no matter what stories have entranced us.

We could use the image of a river. The flow is the endlessly changing kaleidoscope of experiences and events. And the two shores are two vastly different perspectives, both always available. One is the all too familiar perspective of contraction, relating to the whole show as a drama about the personal self and all its stories. The other shore, just as available but less familiar is the flash of awakening and clarity – that none of our stories are solid and this moment is brilliantly fresh and new. From this shore we can let go of our agendas and relate to reality spontaneously and creatively. This vision or perspective is always present because it emerges from our true nature – aware, free, and boundless.

Our practice is to treasure that awakening mind, cultivating and deepening it in every moment